Thank you so much for helping make this day so special.  I would never have pulled off such a beautiful Wedding without your help.  You spent the most time out of everyone helping to make this the Wedding you believe I deserve.  I am glad I met you and look forward to a long friendship with such a great person!

xoxo Lindsay & Brent



To whom it may concern;

I would like to take this opportunity to give my highest recommendation to Lin Pruett.  She coordinated my daughter's Destination Wedding at the Thunderbird Lodge at Lake Tahoe.  The bride lives in New Jersey, so most of the planning was done long distance.  Before our first meeting, Lin began by asking basic questions about our budget, likes and dislikes, wedding theme and number of guests (25).  As the wedding started to take form, Lin emailed pictures, questions and suggestions so that our "planning" visit to Lake Tahoe would be productive.

We met with Lin for 4 days.  This would be our only time meeting face to face until the wedding.  We interviewed hair stylists, makeup artists, the photographer, and florist.  We ate at the restaurants we were considering for the event, and me ttheir chefs.  Lin had already familiarized each of these contacts with our needs, so no time was wasted with proviers that woudln't work out for us.  The most difficult and expensive decision was the venue for the wedding.  At this point I appreciated Lin's ability to prioritize and think of the big picture.  She encouraged us not to lose sight of the things we really wanted, and it paid off.  She created the best combination of options, and with her connections she was able to make it work within our budget.  Trust her!

Our event was 5 days long for the immediate families, and we were meeting each other for the first time. There were a couple of times when tensions got wound a bit tight, and Lin stepped up and played counselor when needed.  During the entire week she was either checking up on us or making sure everthing was being delivered as expected.  In fact, one of our deliveries didn't make it, but Lin was actually able to find a friend who could supply us with 2' long sparklers!

The biggest surprise of the wedding day was how fun it was.  I didn't find out until after the wedding that because of an ill family member, the limo-bus was very late delivering the guests.  The only one who was inconvenienced was Lin, who had to shave time off somewhere...  I can honestly say that I did nothing but enjoy myself the entire day.  Our mother-daughter time together was very intimate, and if anything Lin enhanced it, laughing with us and allowing us to enjoy the day while she kept the wedding moving along.  Lin made good use of our decoration budget;  every room was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lin is professional, and prepares for every possible contingency.  When the unexpected happens, she thinks on her feet.  She has a high standard of eithics, and works with purveyors with similar standards.  She took the time to get to know each one of us, and always offered to help with anything.  Her combination of budgeting skills, a reputable client base, and good artistic sense make Lin a very capable planner.  Lin truly loves her work and gives it her all, as if it were her own wedding.  I would use her again, absolutely.

Thank you Lin!

Kathleen Hance

Sacramento, CA


To whom it is concern,  

As a Life Coach i had the idea via a TV show to touch my community around regaining Value systems in their daily lives.

To achieve such a task i knew i needed support.

Lin at Shop Girl was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine at a fund raising in Incline Village. My friend had declared that whatever I needed Lin would be able to provide.
I must say she surpassed all my expectations.

Lin is one of the most resourceful person i have met, she also comes with a list of contact that helps her get you discount on product or doctors visit or even in my case a cameraman who was willing to lower his cost as well as air time !.

Just simply amazing her ability to "Make it happen" and with a constant smile and ease.

I found her reliable, accountable, professional and a go getter with a brilliant attitude that comes with that.
I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a business or personal assistant or for any planing you need in your life.


Life Coach,
Fanny Muller


Lin, you pulled together a beautiful and very special evening for 5 girlfriends celebrating our collective 40th birthdays. What was truly impressive about the evening was not just the delicious salmon and salads, or even the ease of having all of our tastes in cocktails catered for, or the convenience of having you handle all the pick ups for china and glassware and even the amazing birthday cake. The special personal touches were what made the evening so memorable - things like the cds you created to surprise us with music at Burnt Cedar Beach, and the lovely candles you gave everyone to mark the occasion. Also your good spirits and flexibility in moving to an emergency "Plan B" when the beach proved too windy to cook dinner!

Your attention to detail, thorough invoicing and managing within our budget, and creative ideas to achieve just the right floral centerpieces for the evening showed both your professionalism and the pride you take in your work. Thank you for a lovely 40th that we'll all remember!

A Very Grateful Customer

Thanks, Lin!



To whom it may concern:                                                                                     

 I recently contracted with Lin Pruett to plan, buy, and prepare for a BBQ at my residence for several professional associates and their families.  Lin did an outstanding job with careful attention to every detail.  She went above and beyond in making suggestions to enhance the efficiency of the evening and the enjoyment of my guests.  Lin received compliments from all those in attendance.  I can’t thank her enough.  She was very thorough and professional.  There is no doubt that I will be using Shop Girl Concierge for other functions and errands.


Randall J. Iwasiuk, D.D.S.


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